Harvest Hills new a 3 store apartment building.

Harvest Hills Residential Subdivision: A Thoughtfully Designed Community

Project Overview

Located in Cornwall, the Harvest Hills Subdivision is a well-planned community that integrates modern living with the natural surroundings. The development consists of three phases that offer a beautiful and serene environment.

Key Highlights

Concept Plan and Legal Survey

Our expert team meticulously designed the concept plan, ensuring an efficient and harmonious layout for the subdivision. We then prepared a comprehensive legal survey plan, clearly defining property boundaries and easements.

Civil Engineering Drawings

The backbone of Harvest Hills lies in our detailed civil engineering drawings. These meticulously crafted plans cover road alignment, drainage systems, utilities, and other essential infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity within the subdivision.

Construction Phases

  • Phase 1 (2013): The initial phase focused on multi-unit dwellings. Construction commenced, setting the foundation for the entire community.
  • Phase 2: This phase centred on single-family dwellings, contributing to the neighbourhood’s diversity.
  • Phase 3: Multi-unit buildings continued to evolve, enhancing the character of Harvest Hills.

Quality Control and Safety

Throughout construction, we maintained strict adherence to design specifications. Rigorous quality control measures ensured that our standards remained consistently high. Regular site inspections guaranteed compliance with safety protocols.

Infrastructure Testing

Rigorous testing validated the robustness of our infrastructure. We meticulously assessed consultant specifications, town regulations, and provincial requirements. Only after meeting these stringent standards did the development receive approval.

Ongoing Services

Our commitment extends beyond construction completion. We remain actively involved in Harvest Hills, preparing drainage plans for lot developers to ensure efficient water management. Additionally, we assist in laying out dwellings for excavation and subdividing multi-unit buildings and lots for individual unit sales.

At Harvest Hills, we blend innovation, precision, and community-centric design to create a place residents are proud to call home.